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Robyn – ‘Dancing On my Own’ (Music Video)

Some of you may remember Robyn from 1997, when she had her last State-side smash, Show Me Love (that was a looooong time ago). She is gearing up for the worldwide release of 3 albums in 2010, the first called Body Talk, Pt. 1., slated for release here in the United States on June 15th. The current single from that project is Dancing on My Own. Check out the vid below:

Why I love this, I don’t know, but I do! I’ve always thought that Robyn had a great voice and great material to go with it. The video had me glued to my computer. It reminds me of retro MTV for some odd reason. I still bump songs from her first album to this day. If you can’t put your finger on who Robyn is, you may remember this MTV hit from back in the day below: