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Christina Aguilera – ‘You Lost Me’ (Muzik Video)

Christina Aguilera’s second single from her “Bionic” album, “You Lost Me” has received the video treatment and premiered on MTV recently. Check out the video below:

While I am still in cahoots about why her label didn’t continue to push “Woohoo” (featuring Nicki Minaj) as the second single, I am glad they went with this song as the single replacement. As for the video, this is just not gonna cut it. Honestly, I found myself yawning by the end of it. However, I do smell Grammy Awards for her vocal performance on this track. It just has that Grammy feel to it and her vocals soar as always.


Will the real singers stand up please?

Christina Aguilera performed her recent single, “Not Myself Tonight” for the first time ever on Oprah this week. Check out the vid:

Despite very few vocal mess-ups, home-girl really sang and performed that! And it was LIVE! No backing track needed: OLD SCHOOL STYLE! When reading comments on other sites where this performance is posted, people are killing me saying that the performance was boring (you have a right to your opinion) but what did you expect from Christina? During her 10 year career, she’s never been the big “choregographed, dance break down” type artist, so I didn’t expect that. GREAT PERFORMANCE!

Sidebar: Oprah is always promoting album track numbers (for instance: “Cut #2″) LMAO!