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This Tuesday sees the release of 3 albums by artists who have made their mark on urban music history in some way or another. While it’s a slow Tuesday (IMO), these albums should still drive consumers to their nearest Best Buy or iTunes store.

R&B vet Toni Braxton returns to music shelves today with a brand new record (her 7th overall), Pulse, her first release on Atlantic Records. Be sure to expect her classic sassy yet velvety tone gliding over modern production. As one who’s heard the record, I must say this album is a winner. Here’s hoping that she pulls in those numbers, as the promo for this album has been a little slack.

Florida bred female rapstress, Trina is back with a vengeance on her new album, Amazin’. This is marked as her 5th album and she celebrates this year 2010 as her 10th year since her first album, Da Baddest B****, hit stores back in 2000. I’ve yet to hear the record, but I am sure that it traditional Trina (If ya know what I mean lol). Kudos to her for making it to her 5th album and snatching up 10 years in the game, a kind of track record that is foreign with female rappers.

Bone Thugz-N-Harmony release their 9th studio album (14th release overall) today called Uni5: The World’s Enemy. This marks the return of the 5 original members after years of solo albums and jail sentences. This record is being released independently on their own label, BTNH Worldwide with distribution via Warner Bros. A tour in representation of the album is said to be in the works. Good to see that they are keeping the legacy going. “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”, ‘1st of Da Month” and “Crossroads” stand as hip-hop classics!