Usher – “Slippin'”

Yet another Usher track has leaked! This time, it’s a track called ‘Slippin’. We here at MuzikFix are pretty sure that this song stems from the sessions of his soon to be released album, Raymond vs. Raymond, scheduled for release on February 16, 2010. Listen to the song below:

I can definitely respect Usher for the lyrical content on this track. I can see a lot of men relating to this song. However, that’s the only thing the song is good for IMO! It’s not a total wreck of a track, but I am not really moved by the track. Usher provides great vocal offerings on the  song, but something just isn’t clicking! In hearing all of the music that has leaked from this upcoming Raymond vs. Raymond album, I have been quite underwhelmed. The first two official singles, “Papers” and “Daddy’s Home” did not strike any interest on my part for this project/era whatsoever! If anything, the songs have made me lose interest. I am still shocked that although “Papers” didn’t fair well like his previous singles, it still managed to hit #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Billboard Chart (which is his 10th #1 R&B song by the way). I am hoping that once I hear the album in its entirety, I can say I like the material because as of now, I am not checking for Raymond vs. Raymond.


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