Tweet – ‘Love Again’ (Rumored 1st Single)

Underrated R&B prowess Tweet has been abuzz the internet for the past few weeks with the leakage of ‘Love Again’, said to be from her long overdue album, ‘Love, Tweet’, slated to be released sometime this year. It is rumored (no official source / amongst the net) that this is her first single. If you are Tweet fan, you are sure to be satisfied, as this track reminds us why we fell in love with her in the first place. Her mellow tone along with the pulsating production and infectious bass line all comprise to become this masterpiece of a track. Check out ‘Love Again’ below:

Thank you lord! This woman is finally back! As an avid listener of her first 2 albums, ‘Southern Hummingbird’ and ‘It’s Me Again’, my heart is really overjoyed at the knowledge that her ‘Love, Tweet’ album could possibly be released this year! This track gives me everything that I hope for in a mellow R&B track! Simply the business if you ask me! Can’t stop listening to it!


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