Lauren Evans – ‘The 11th Hour’

Already making her mark in the music industry with songwriting credits on albums such as Kelly Rowland’s ‘Ms. Kelly’ and vocal work that can be heard on albums from Boney James and material produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Lauren Evans is looking to make a splash on the music scene, solely for her brand. This new leaked track, The 11th Hour” displays the vocal clarity, range and depth that singers like Celine, Whitney, Mary and Patti are known for. Check out Lauren Evans’s ‘The 11th Hour” below:

This track definitely takes me back to the days when female artists actually had range and BELTED their a***** off LOL! This is the range that has somehow managed to drift away from Whitney and Mariah. This girl just simply SAAAAAAAAAAANGS! I absolutely love it! Here’s hoping that she can make a major impact on the music airwaves and prove that talent DOES outweigh gimmicks!


1 Response to “Lauren Evans – ‘The 11th Hour’”

  1. 1 Jamia
    January 9, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    This is such a fresh breath of air! Someone who can really sing and the song is beautiful! I hope this girl goes far and doesn’t get swept under the rug like some real singers do caus they don’t fit a certain mold!

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