KeKe Wyatt – ‘Who Knew’ (Music Video)

Known for her minor hits, “Nothing in this World” and the 2000 Remake of the 1983 Rene and Angela R&B cult classic hit, ‘My First Love’ with Avant, KeKe Wyatt is making an attempt to finally solidify her place in R&B territory with a new single and album. The album, titled Who Knew?, is slated for release on February 23rd.  The single, of the same name, has just been released along with a video that you can watch below:

The song sounds nice. In addition, I’ve always thought she was a great vocalist. I remember listening to her debut Soul Sista back in the day (hard to believe that came out 10 years ago). Although not as good, her rendition of Patti’s ‘If Only You Knew” was great as well. Unfortunately, I don’t see the song making any type of impact on the music world. If anything, it will be serviced to Adult contemporary R&B radio and maybe a few video spins on channels like Centric (BET’s new channel). It’s sad that the FEW people who know about KeKe Wyatt think of the whole “stabbing her husband” incident that occurred some years ago! Very unfortunate because homegirl can sing! I enjoyed her album 10 years ago and I am enjoying this song, so I am definitely gonna check for the album when it drops.


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